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Rehab Census Solutions

Rehab Census Solutions

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Training Links and Assignments for Students 

Training Links and Assignments 
 Training Links for Registering for Training
Course Directions 
 Course DirectionsSummary
Fast Trac Census Training, Team Challenges, Outcomes and Reminders! 
 Preparing to Market/ToursSummary
 Establishing Your RoleSummary
 Target MarketingSummary
 Pre-Call GoalsSummary
 The AppointmentSummary
 Solving Problems/Buy-InSummary
 SNF Closing TechniquesSummary
 How to Capture the High Paying Rehab AdmissionsSummary
Marketing Kit for Managers 
 Marketing Kit
Marketing/Admissions Modules 
 10 Tips for Networking in LTCSummary
 12 Marketing Budget WastesSummary
 5 New Ideas to Networking-Due June 10th, 2014Summary
 Assisted Living Sales TechniquesSummary
 Becoming the Source of Senior Living Information-Due May 9th, 2014Summary
 Blogs-A New Marketing IngredientSummary
 Brainstorming IdeasSummary
 Building Senior Care Alliances-Due December 11th, 2013Summary
 Census or Revenue-What Are You Chasing? Due July 8th, 2014Summary
 Conducting a Successful Open HouseSummary
 Conducting PresentationsSummary
 Cross Selling Your ServicesSummary
 Effective Marketing Blitzes-Dec ModuleSummary
 Expert Interviewing Skills for Closing ProspectsSummary
 Expert Tour TrainingSummary
 Five Most Common Mistakes Senior Care Marketers MakeSummary
 Holding Successful In House Networking EventsSummary
 How to Avoid Ineffective CollateralsSummary
 How to Capture Referrals Using Social MediaSummary
 How to Combat a Bad Reputation in Your CommunitySummary
 How to Conduct a Successful Lunch and LearnSummary
 How to Create a Winning NewsletterSummary
 How to Sell by DiagnosisSummary
 How to Test Your Competitive Marketing StrategySummary
 How to Use Testimonials to Gain CredibilitySummary
 Increasing Your Value-Seven Steps to Gaining the Edge-Due April 10th, 2014Summary
 Managing Census in a Competitive MarketSummary
 Managing Your Administrators Census and Marketing ExpectationsSummary
 Marketing Events/What Works-What Doesn'tSummary
 Marketing Is Everything!Summary
 Marketing to Baby BoomersSummary
 Motivation and CultureSummary
 Mystery Shopping! It Works! Summary
 Needs Based Selling in Senior CareSummary
 Optimal Cold Calling TechniquesSummary
 Outrageous Holiday'sSummary
 Personality ProfilingSummary
 Physician Selling-Due November 15th, 2013Summary
 Practical Marketing Tips for New MarketersSummary
 Raise Your Tour Conversion Ratio-Due March 14th, 2014Summary
 Referral Management 101Summary
 Referrals with In-House EventsSummary
 Resident LoyaltySummary
 S.M.A.R.T. Marketing-Due Jan 10th, 2014Summary
 Staying Top of Mind in Senior CareSummary
 Ten Steps in Solving Census Problems: What Do You Need to Change?Summary
 The Art of Writing a Sales LetterSummary
 The Four Seasons of a Press ReleaseSummary
 The Likeability FactorSummary
 The Power of Marketing GroupsSummary
 The Successful Activity ProgramSummary
 The True Power of a Thank YouSummary
 Time Management-Making the Most of your Marketing TimeSummary
 Understanding Insurance Based MarketingSummary
 Understanding Perceived Value of Services-Due Feb 10th, 2014Summary
 What Does Attitude Have To Do With Success?Summary
 What is Your Website Message?Summary
 Word of Mouth Advertising - 10 StepsSummary
 Your Marketing AccountabilitySummary
Administrator/Manager Modules 
 A Practical Approach to the Empty Bed SyndromeSummary
 A Tactical Plan to Reduce Employee TurnoverSummary
 Administrator-Boosting Team ProductivitySummary
 Administrators Guide to Facilitating Staff MeetingsSummary
 Building Senior Care Management AlliancesSummary
 Coaching in LTCSummary
 Creating the Ultimate Marketing ProgramSummary
 Creative AmenitiesSummary
 Culture Change for Your Facility or CommunitySummary
 Hire for Attitude, Train for SuccessSummary
 Hiring a Dynamic MarketerSummary
 Key Areas of Effective CommunicationSummary
 Management Relationship Skills Summary
 Managing TeamsSummary
 Patient Centered CareSummary
 Preparing your Staff for Culture ChangeSummary
 Sharpening Leadership SkillsSummary
 Strategic Staff RetentionSummary
 Supporting Your Marketing TeamSummary
 The Administrators Role in Marketing-Supportive LeadershipSummary
 The Skinny on AdvertisingSummary
 Using Your Entire Staff for MarketingSummary
 Your Marketing AccountabilitySummary
Recorded Webinars 
 Webinar Webcasts!Summary

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